06 October, 2010


Truly I have found myself to be a man of scattered mind, as I have failed already in updating this blog weekly.

Tonight I've reinstalled some software on my computer for art, and so I'll be posting some designs soon. If there's anything that shows up that you particularly like, PLEASE let me know. The reason for this is that my designs are things I've made for myself and my little sister Astrid, who is a lifestyle lolita. We both have fashion styles that don't uniformly fit into what is popular or even what is always considered "lolita" or "dandy". That and we like elements that aren't usually common.

That being said, if enough interest is expressed in one of my designs, I will make it for others to buy. Some things I make, though, will always be one of a kind objects.

In other news, someone needs to tell Born of Osiris that they can't call 21 minutes of music an "album".

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