22 September, 2010

Starting this out

Hello there and welcome to my blog. My name is Michaelis, but just "Mik" will do. Considering how my attention span can be, this blog may go a while between updates but I'm shooting for a once a week type thing.

I'm a lifestyle dandy. Most of my clothes are self-made, but I do enjoy brand as well, of course. My favourite Japanese brands include Alice and the Pirates, H.Naoto, Black Peace Now, and Moi-même-Moitié. My favourite Chinese brands are R-Series, HMHM, and Fan Plus Friend. I must admit a love of Bodyline, as they're like the Walmart of lolita. Cheap and decent enough for the price you put out. I also have a love of Suppurate System, though they're mostly jewelry.

I'll be posting my picspam, my designs I'm kicking around, clothing reviews, and all the like on this blog, so have fun with it.