20 October, 2010

Londonian Gothics and other lolita vidya

I'm an active fan of video games, and I'm surprised, really by the lack of video games in existence with any sort of lolita theme. No, I don't mean games with lolita characters- I mean outright full lolita themed.

Not counting visual novels, which are another beast altogether, one of the only ones I know of is Londonian Gothics: Meikyuu no Lolita, a game by MegaCyber.

It was one of the first games I ever owned on my DS, sometime back in 2005, I believe. It has brought me much joy over the years.

The basic story is as follows: You play as a young girl in Victorian London named, of course, Alice, who lives in a mansion with her butler Michael and maid Lucille. Alice's father, Nabokov (a decidedly un-English name!) is a scientist and when he goes missing one day, Alice decides it's up to herself to find him, and she sets off to the sewers of London in search of him.

I've seen the gameplay of this game compared to PacMan several times, but I'd say it's more like the lesser known but similar classic game Ladybug. You wander about semi-random dungeons full of monsters and locked doors. In order to pass the locked doors, you have to touch orbs positioned in places around the rooms; once they're all touched, the door opens.

In your default black dress, you have no powers and are defenseless, except that you can jump. Throughout the dungeons, though, you can collect sewing materials and find hidden sewing rooms. Because, you know, the cavernous sewers of London are chock full of rooms with working sewing machines. Each dress you make grants you a new power, such as the ability to shrink, or the ability to cast lightning.

In order to fully enjoy the storyline, Japanese skills are needed, but to play the game, you don't need to be fluent... or really able to read Japanese at all, I suppose. It's mostly a matter of memorizing the symbols for different dress components if you can't read.

I've managed to find a copy of the trailer on ye olde Youtube.

Does anyone know of any lolita themed games? Were they enjoyable, if you played them?

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